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Moz Da/Pa still a 1 after 60+ days

Ive been boosting certain projects for over 60 days now and my pa are all still a 1, for several projects/targets. URL rating is pretty high, but PA is all a 1. Is this something I should address?


  • Why would you care about any of these metrics?

    Anyway, Moz's crawler rogerbot is slow as hell and on top of that their entire index broke this month which meant no update. Next one will be October 8th (altough it'll probably be postponed like always), so you should see changes then.
  • How am i Supposed to know how efficient/effective SER is if I dont use URL rate as a metric for link built power 
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    lolwut :))

    Maybe, just maybe, you can look at that thing that you're actually trying to manipulate: your SERPs?

    No point in using inaccurate proxy measures like DA to gauge SER's effectiveness.

  • It can take a month+ to see any results of what you do in the serps- i use these metrics, particularly ahrefs url rating as general indicators of power of parasites.
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    And how long does it take for any of these tools to crawl SER links and provide those statistics?  ;)

    I hate to say it, but you're wasting a lot of time and focus and you don't even realize it. 

  • Oh yeah, ive had thousands of verified links in ser and ahref only shows a few
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