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i need list of s3x, p0rn, warezz...

Hi, as the title above, i need the full list of this, or can anyone help me how i can post backlink only into this list website ? i have site of this niche and i wanna promote.


  • @Sven is there a way to extract a list based on the 'bad word list' checkpoint? It might help.

    If not, @tinhfrt then use Gscraper/Scrapebox and load in a few 100k keywords related to your niche and scrape your own list. Shouldn't be difficult to get a huge amount as most people trim these out of their lists :)
  • so how can i do with GSA technique ?
    Can you guide me or give me some tutorials
  • Buy Scrapexbox v2 and you should be able to generate good lists to process using SER. 
  • Yeah, pull the bad words list, merge with footprints of your choice, set up your proxies, boom.
  • just click on adult category of SER..  
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