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Tier 1 & Tier 2 Contextual Links

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited January 2013 in Need Help
I am re-organising many many projects.

I've noticed that on my contextual tier 1, links, there are at least 50% of these are author profiles, or profile pages amongst my contextual tier 1 verified links, that are used by tier 2. 

Now, it seems that tier 2, is building links to these profile pages and it seems like such a waste of resources. Theoretically, over 50% of my tier 2 resources are being wasted on author profiles.

How do you get around this?


  • i manually sort them out by using select by mask *profile*; *user*; *member* and delete them. this will delete most of these profile links.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    How do you do this on 100 projects??
  • you can edit them all at once. select all projects you want to edit --> show verified links and use the select by mask.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks...would be nice if it was automated to remove profiles and place them seperately, so we don't build links to these urls.
  • May I ask why you do not wish to build links to (I am assuming) your own author profiles? I have quite a few personal author profiles on high PR sites that have "dofollow" links back to my moneysite. By building links to those (obviously in addition to other Tier 1 links), am I not increasing overall link juice and ranking to my money site? 

    If I am wrong, someone please correct me.

  • edited January 2013
    Profile links still work, im usually use it for tier 2, but make sure it have some content related to your site (fill in bio/about me form), at least 300 words.
  • oh thanks for this tip @d3ad
  • @zenn Yes, agree about relevant content. I should have pointed out that I was building links to web 2.0 profile of a REAL profile of website I personally use...for example...using my company Facebook page as T1, or Pinterest profile page, etc...if they have dofollow links and you are actually using those sites, I see no reason not to build backlinks to them to power them up.
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