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SEREngines Advise

Does SER Engines still working? I setup a new project and use Ser Engines for web2.0 only, 30 fresh email. Running after 1 day only 2 sit verified 

Please Advise



  • edited September 2015
    Actually I was wondering about this myself today, is SER engines kept up to date? or we need to build a good engine list in addition to the url list?
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    I have not seen a single update in month maybe 4 - 6 month, nothing seems to happen, I keep my monthly subscription in the hope that there is  an update one day as the monthly cost is not high, but I dont use it anymore. Quite dissapointing really
  • It does not really work very well
  • gonna to cancel it,  not want to waste $$$ on it
  • Its not working I think. Don't waste your time and money.
  • @andy1024 good decision. you should check fcs network. its costly but I think its best for web 2.0
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