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Does having SSD improves the speed of GSA SER?


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    I dont see any difference on dedicated servers.
  • empteeemptee
    SER doesn't read/write much at all, though you might notice a significant difference if your paging a lot.

    That said.. if you're paging.. you should get a server with more memory anyway :)

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    It does make a difference when u are running 100's of projects at he same time. And it also helps backing up and restoring projects.
  • I find that 60 x 3-tier projects is enough for any one server on a 20x20 scheduler - if money wasn't an issue, I'd just run 20 projects per dedi and have 24/7 link-building. I had one client that required 3 server's worth of SER/CB/proxies/Recaptcha service/Gscraper/Scrapebox etc, not great when they were late on paying. I run Greencloud FR3s now, which are fine but I prefered DataShack's $100pm dedis (can't remember the exact spec) but it was OK, still managed to make it hang, crash or run really slow. Plus they got DDOS'd quite a lot so I moved. 

    In short, no dedi is the best just get what you can afford and trim your settings on SER to suit the spec of the dedi, it'll take a day or so of testing to get right. I've had overkill dedis and seen no difference, so I reduced the cost and bought 2 for the price I was paying for 1 and results are basically the same +/- 10% which is fine for me.
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