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Test Error: Operation would block

As of lately I'm getting this error way too often. All of a sudden all the proxies would show this error in the Status field.

And it stays like that sometimes for hours. It seems like it gets going again as soon as I try to mess around with the settings (just click settings, not change anything) but not sure. What could this be?


  • SvenSven
    hmm strange. What OS is that?
  • It's Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with SP1.

    I'm wondering whether it can be hosting provider related issue as well. They are a reliable hosting provider, but still.. I've been using only 30 threads with GSA PS so shouldn't be an issue.

    UPDATE: Just happened right before my eyes and this time all of the proxies got deleted! The same status message came up on all of them and after 3 seconds the whole proxy list got deleted completely! It's insane! I've had like 1000+ completely working proxies which were used in scrapebox at the same time. Here is the last log from what just happened:
  • SvenSven
    So it'S really this "operation will block" issue for you it seems. Guess I have t investigate this on your system if you can ?
  • Sure I'll PM you just now.
  • SvenSven
    edited October 2015
    next update should fix this
  • got the same error for all proxies in the Status field - "Test Error: Operation would block"
    win7 x64, 64Gb memory
  • SvenSven
    this is a 2 years old thread ... try to disable the None-Block mode in options.
  • I know it's a 2 years old thread, and I was surprised that this "test error" still exist... 
    you mean NoBlock Mode should be un-checked? I had it un-checked, when I got these errors... now I gonna try the other way...
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Does NoBlock Mode for sockets set to ON make SER run faster?

    If so and a user gets no errors, what are the issues with using that mode?

  • SvenSven
    using this will increase speed as sockets don't have to wait for certain operations to continue. However, as you see above, there are some very strange systems where this causes issues.
  • still getting same "Test Error: Operation would block" for all proxies... when I start Proxy Scraper it works fine for couple of hours and then got error and it stays there til I restart program or highlight all -> test all, then Status shows" "Successfully tested" and after couple of hours same error... any idea how to fix it? 
  • SvenSven
    Do you have some kind of firewall or anti virus? Try turning that off and see if it helps. Some badly coded apps can not handle the amount of open ports.
  • I'm using windows firewall and Microsoft security essentials, nothing fancy. Also, I have IObit Malware Fighter that I'm running once a week or so. Def I gonna try to turn all of these off to see if it helps
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Received no "operation would block" error messages with Noneblock mode on last few SER runs.

    I was wary of using this setting, but it seems I'm not missing many systems that don't recognize this, as my concern was a lot of errors and therefore, missed link opportunities. This never happened.

    So I guess I should leave it on? Sven, any (specific) time this is not a good thing?
  • SvenSven
    yes leave it on...there are really very rare situations where this is a problem.
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  • tried it on another computer, pretty much brand new win7 ultimate x64 install, nothing extra installed, started proxy scraper and left it overnight... next day got "operation would block" error... tested all without restarting proggy and after 5 min got "operation would block" again... so there in nothing to change in settings? only Noneblock mode on and off? got error in both cases... sometimes in a few minutes, some times in couple of hours, but i got this error all the time... never run scraper for more than a day without restarting or re-testing or just shooting it down...  I guess developers should know in what cases they throw this "operation would block" error and what to do about it, it was there since 2015 when this thread was started, and still there 2 years later... 
  • SvenSven
    When you turn None block mode off, do you still get this?
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