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After quite a week- Ive managed to hit 330+ lpm sustainable

took quite a bit of fudging. but i did it. 



  • congrats

    how - settings
    what proxies
    what vps

    thanks in advance
  • Just gotta mess around a bit man, youll get there eventually.
  • shaunshaun
    @biggulpshuhwelp so this is just a bragging thread and you don't plan to offer anything of value?
  • Eh, little bit of both.
  • Okay, so i tried a number of different VPS, DEDI, and Local configurations to get here. I tried SolidSEO, Greencloud, Berman, and a slew of other VPS. As well, I have tried it on both local and dedi servers. Honestly, I used this simplex host company, i thnk their in the UK or France, theyve been pretty good. Overall, you could get lpm like this anywhere, but i got it here, this be an aff link, so if you get it, and get lpm like that, itl make me happy. So, up to you who you go with


  • LPM is not important. 
    If anyone focus on LPM he dont understand SER and link building with SER.
    I can get LPM like this (with public proxies):
    But this dont mean anything.
    LPM dont give rankings and lpm is not way to measure link building efficiency.
  • ^topper. Im fully aware of the usefullness of SER. Th
  • shaunshaun
    what platforms are you actually using @biggulpshuhwelp ?
  • imo LPM should not even be a metric that is measurable. what is your VPM number? and what platforms are you posting to?

    if those are tier 3 numbers, meh. tier 2, ok now it's interesting. also let's see a sustained performance stat. looks like a short period of time. how about a full day of posting? what are the sustained numbers? i am not interested in frying my proxies to hit a number. 
  • shaunshaun
    im guessing its including non contextuals and he has realised its nothing to brag about bless him....
  • turns out it was basically 90% general blog comments- basically useless. I need a new list, for some reason im getting like 5 lpm when i go for contextuals. . . My list is terrible. SERocket does not have good stuff.
  • its possible .. af you are running many and multiple campaign  in  engine.
  • i generally can get about 800 - 1000 contextual links for my tier 2, letting SER run for an entire work day (about 9 hours) that is running across about 20 projects. My VPM ranges around 2-3. even if i could get higher vpm i am not sure i would want to risk blowing out my tier 2. tier 3 i throw everything at it and numbers are much higher.

    I currently use FCS Tier 1, SER Tier 2+3. I also have my own PBN set up, and then plug in FCS for Tier 2 and SER for Tier 3. Works ok for me in a moderately competitive niche. Can't seem to get over the hump though. The top slots are definitely seo'd at a higher level.
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp my list is pretty weak too. I try to scrape with SBV2 but after filtering and then hitting the targets, the numbers aren't great. I think I can do a lot better with an improved list.
  • shaunshaun
    @bitgulpshuhwelp lol, hopefully that has taught you a lesson an trying to brag when you don't have a clue what you are actually doing :).

    For the record I use SERocket and I have pulled around 200LPM contextual only with less than 10 projects with dailey post limits.
  • I did make a fairly negative claim about SERocket- while i havent hit those kind of levels, theyve been nothing but helpful in my figuring out how to fix it. Although, @shaun is mildly bragging himself...
  • shaunshaun
    @biggulpshuhwelp 200LPM is nothing to brag about, I made that statement in the hope you would understand that SERocket is actually a good list provider in the right hands. You just arnt ready to understand information in that way and still look for bragging rights.

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