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Local System, VPS or Dedi?


I am just getting started with GSA so I am really sorry if this is a very basic question. I am going to work on around a 50 websites each with 2 tiers. Should I run GSA on my local system, VPS or Dedi? Which company do you recommend? And How powerful it should be?



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    All depends what your budget is. Dedis allow for more threads (obviously), but usually cost x3 x4 x5 the price of a VPS. My recommendation is to try a VPS for a month and if you need more power, then upgrade to a dedi. Shoot me a PM and I can help you out with a discount.
  • Thank you. Check PM.
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    solidseo vps
    greencloud vps

    To answer your question, start with low cost plan, play around with it, then move up from there. But in general the more expensive the vps or dedi is the most power you got. 

    I like have lot of storage with minimum of 4gb
    you would also need proxies, you can use public proxies, but the success rate is not that great

    captcha breaker or captcha solver. 

    scrapebox, gscraper or buy verified list. verified list is your best bet, because it is quicker than to scrape. gsa does have inbuilt scraper but it is not that great

    Remember you do not have to get everything at once if you are on a tight budget.

    I go with home computer, proxies, then first month go with captcha breaker (save money on captchas) then each month after that go with the other software or vps
  • Solidseo VPS is best in my opinion but little expensive. Poweruphosting and greencloud VPS are also good companies.
  • I wasnt happy with solidseo- greencloud france server with coupon code 1dollaroff = $36/mo.
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