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How can I create project to use Death By Captcha Service and Not Captcha Breaker?

I have 15 projects running in GSA at the moment and all I am using is Captcha Breaker as 1st service and Captcha Tronix as 2nd service. 

Now to use, I want to use my Death by captcha credit but how could set up the campaign so that only this particular campaign should eat my DBC credit and not others. 

I asked this question to and its 3 days already with no reply from them.


  • SvenSven

    The only solution I see is this:

    1st service CB

    2nd service DBC

    in CB you add Captcha Tronix as alternative service once CB can not solve things

    in projects you set it up to only use 1st service or 2nd.

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