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Test your VPS/Dedi/Local server's Upper Limits in SER

Im quoting Ron here, but i ran this test today after several weeks of underwhelming SER performance. Couple factors- Im using generally the same emails/proxies across the four instances of testing. Three VPS are local and using a hardwired internet connection thats throttled down to like 30% of what we should be getting (thats a whole other issue). I ran this test on wikipedias home page, and found that the MAX my servers can run at is 120 lpm. And thats kitchen sink across 10 projects with brand new SERocket lists. 

If you really want to test and see what is going on, turn off SEREngines and Web2.0.

  • In fact, I want you to create some test projects with the following checked: Article, Social Network, Wikis, Guestbook, Forum, Blog Comments, Directory, Trackback, Microblog - Just these platforms and all of its engines.
  • Maybe clone one of your projects to get all the articles and 250/450 descriptions all populated.
  • Change the URL to
  • Turn off all linkbuilding limits so that it creates infinity.
  • Turn off reverify and moving pages.
  • Change captcha filling to "ask all services" so there are no users involved.
  • Change search engines to all English speaking search engines (right click), which is around 150.
  • Search the search box on the forum for the "100,000 keyword list" and get in more keywords - it is killing you. You want generic keywords, not niche specific keywords.
  • Uncheck "Use URLs linking on same..." You never want that checked.
  • Remove all filters for OBL and PR.
  • In other words, create the spam project from hell. 
  • When you have this spam monster all filled out so that all check marks are perfect, then duplicate it nine times. You want 10 spammy test projects from hell
  • Make your real projects inactive.
  • Set it to 300 threads, with only these 10 projects active
  • Make sure each test project has 10 fresh emails in there.
  • Delete all Target URL Cache and Delete All History from these test accounts. You want a very clean slate.
  • Hit Start
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