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Need Suggestions for Link Building for my Affiliate coupon & Deals Website

I have a new deals and coupons website, im trying to rank it on google based on niche keywords(low competition).Im in link building process using GSA SER but cant figure out How to lead.
I have stores,Categories,Deals,Coupons page on my website
Should I write unique articles for every store describing it and then rank the Store page?
Should i write articles in Categories page and rank it in tier1 ,2 and 3
Should I go for Coupons and Deals Page and Write uinque articles on it?
As Coupons and Deals page updated frequently,
So im confused.Any help from experts will be a life saver.


  • Honeybee918zHoneybee918z 607 8th Avenue Youngstown
    edited September 2015
    First, focus on clients and providing them quality material.

    And, if you want to rank your website on major search engine. 1st see, what is your scope (Go local, national or international). Second start building links from different type of websites, do guest posting, forum posting and try to make post on quality forums.

    What you are thinking is on-page seo. It is good to do but it has limitation to some extent, when it comes to search engines. Update with coupons and deals as much as possible, it will be good for SERP. Mainly focus on diversification, while building links.

    And also visit blog like searchengine watch, Moz and some others to get more update information.

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