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Question about url lists and duplicate links on the same url

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hello :)

I am a noob with gsa ser but I am not lazy and read a lot, I read really nice posts in here but I stopped around page 20 where links were still indexed easily :)

I see everyone talking about the importance of having a good list/ buying verified url list / creating your own list of urls.
One thing I don't understand is... weren't all those lists created by posting links to them? if I create my own verified list and re use it in a new project - I will just mix the links from the different tiers by posting again and again to the same urls?
Same when buying lists, what is the point of buying a list that was already bombed by someone else?
Same when you create a verified list, what is the point of verifying the list with garbage links? why not just post your real links and see what happen?

I really can't understand the practice of re using urls... please explain like I'm five :)

I had like 50 questions a week ago, after reading a lot this remain the main question for me...

Thanks in advance.


  • No one?

    I will try to summarize my question:

    How come everyone are using the same url lists over and over again without worrying about posting link from different tiers/projects into the same url again and again?
  • SvenSven
    because most of the links you are creating are contextual links with it's own page.
  • Thank you :)

    I thought those url represent final link url.

    I am learning about gsa ser but was afraid to run it on my websites before I completely understand it,
    Maybe I should test run it on to get a better idea :)

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