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Randomly All the proxies are removed


The proxy lists randomly disappear and also the proxy export file gets impacted. Not sure when this happens but maybe before starting a new process to find new proxies.
This becomes a issue if the internal proxy server is enabled as GSA SER starts failing during this period of time.
After some time, the process for finding proxy starts and list gets filled again.


  • SvenSven
    I guess the test sites are down (use some more) or more your internet access? In that situation all proxies would be deactivated and later deleted.
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    Ok but it is unusual that around 1800 plus proxies can go down at same time  unless momentarily it did not get the internet connection . I have now increased the automatic removal proxy timeout to 30 minutes. 
  • Maybe your provider blocked you for some reason. 
  • vignesh676vignesh676 Mumbai,India
    Thanks for the reply but it was due to automatic proxy timeout being very low.
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