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Greencloud vps hosting- 4lpm...

Just moved to greencloud vps hosting, was hoping for an lpm in the hundreds, its barely getting me 5 lpm. Whats happening here? Also, none of my traditional proxies are working now with this vps when theyre working on my local vps. 


  • edited September 2015
    I told you in different thread that VPS mean problems.
    Virtualization alone can mean tons of problems if its not done right.
    Overselling mean tons of problems.

    I had one client few weeks ago, he had $35 vps in one company, but SER was not working properly. I configured dedi for him, he is now paying $39 amonth for dedicated (4 bucks more) and performance is way better.

    You probably wont get xxx lpm, this require alot know hoow, good server, proxies etc.
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp: We answered your ticket already and waiting for your response now. We dont oversell VPS in any case. Thanks!
  • Hey @ndtn

    speeds are really fast, i just needed to configure proxies. Thanks.
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp: Could you please ask your proxies provider to change the proxies to EU for you? Your VPS is located in France so EU proxies would perform better. In addition, LpM depends on other settings and your lists, etc, too. Or we can move you to our new US SEO VPS if needed. Just inform us via Ticket.
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