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  • Hi I took several months working and documented with this great grassy Gsa engine ...
    Since yesterday I stopped working several projects and tier .. And not publish any platform I get all the time (no form at all) and (matches engine) .. also publishes web 2.0 has worked before ..
    I tried to make a new project and not at work tampo old nor new campaign.

    Say I have 20 private proxies
    GSA Captcha Breaker
    URL Redirect PRO
    installed from pc
    Connection 10 MG
    Also I put my lists and scrape something Scrapebox.

    It does not help please happens to me hurts my head GSA and I can not solve .. It's like Gsa not open the page to publish ..
    I can take a cable ..


     Thank you

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited September 2015
    Did you try opening any of the sites that are showing in your log? I just tried a few like, and and all of them seem to be currently out of service or something is wrong with the site so SER can't post to it. Might need to try better footprints when creating your list.
  • Hello s4ntOs thanks po respond apologize for my English

    If I tried to open some registry maualmente and some do seem to be out of service. But there are many that if the product is opened for recording.
    Apparently the problem GSA to open web does not register.

    Before it worked well.
    Now do not let any plataforma.Article links, blog, Forun, microblos, indexer, Guestbook, Pingback, RSS, Social, Trackback, web 2.0 ....

    I also tested with single project to create WEB 2.0 and not working. .

    All the time (engine matches) and (no form at all) leaves links
    Not understand how to solve my leaving Gsa follow links.
    What can I do
  • GSA remains stopped aid

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Well I still have a feeling its something with your list or you don't have all engines selected or maybe proxies or something like that. You can see here:

    If you want, you can PM me a sample of your list and I'll try posting from my side and that will narrow it down if your list is bad.
  • Thanks for the answer and I have been looking at some campaigns least almost all selected pdf documents and videos.
    And in other campaigns only web 2.0 and does not work does not publish on any platform ..
    I'll try to send an MP as well not send a sample checklist to see if you can leave probrar links ..
    The proxies me yesterday and changed my Gsa sige without works.
    No longer I understand anything I just upgraded Gsa v10.06
  • Did you get ur proxies whitelisted with ur provider to the ip u run ser on
  • Not quite understand your answer you mean that I use proxies
    are proxies of
  • yes- but presumably youre using them from a single computer/vps or something.
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp Si yo estoy usando en casa Pc 
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