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Article writing tool

Hi All,

Please suggest me which tool is good for content writing for gsa SER
I am planning to buy one.



  • SvenSven
    edited September 2015
    If you mean more content generation then there are a lot of like Kontent Machine, SEO Content Machine or Article Builder, WAC...
  • Thanks Sven for reply ... can you suggest which one I should go for in terms of cost and quality of tool.

  • I use WAC (cheap and does the job) or WordAi + GetArticle (very cheap and more than good enough)

    I didn't like SEO content machine (although many people love it) I just want smashed up content that is unique but not particularly readable for lower tiers.

    Never used Kontent Machine but I've read that it's not as great as it used to be.

    The next one I'm going to buy is Content Foundry. Never used it but looks exactly what I need.
  • I dont love Kontent Machine3, content is weak
  • Thanks JudderMan and BigGulpsHuhWelp
  • agree with big. kontent machine gives me unrelated topic, like sometimes I put puppies, it gives me about babies or vice versa
  • Yeah Kontent machine database is terible
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    The best option, that you scrape from the internet the content, and use spinnerchief IV ultimate version. This is the best tool, the grammar spinning function is awesome. If you buy, you will get the contentbomb free, and you can use that tool to scrape.
  • I am using WAC, Article builder and the best spinner.
  • @JudderMan When you say lower tiers, do you mean contextuals one?  tier 2, tier 3, or kitchen sink? I was always wondering do you guys keep all your contextual tiers same quality like it's all tier 1, or you just throw lower quality on kitchen sink?
  • T2/3 = lower tiers (that's what I meant, not sure what others call it)

    Mine are pretty low readability but high uniqueness.
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