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OVH Hosting and SER

Im looking to move to a cloud based hosting platform from my 4 local servers. Budget is in the medium range- not looking for cheap but also not looking to pay $$$. Ive been looking at OVH SSD Vps, the specs are:
  • OpenStack KVM
  • 1 vCore
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
    Local RAID 10
I like that OVH isn't a reseller and also that they have relatively strong reputation. I'm not interested in SolidVPS or Berman or any of those guys because I do not think they are particularly good and they're resellers...

My question is can I run the GSA system (SER, Gscraper, CB, etc.) on this VPS (i dont see any windows, only linux)...


  • No you cant, this server is piece of #$%^, 50 threads in ser will probably kill this server CPU + this SSD have 20GB - windows OS need more.
    Cloud based servers are not good for seo tools. Such servers are good for websites where high uptime is critical.

    When it comes to any VPSes (no matter if thats cloud or not) company have dedi server that costs (lets say) $100 per month, and sell vpses for $300-500 per month in cash. So lets say you buy $10 vps - you would need to buy 3-5 of such vpses to get performance similar to dedicated server you can get for similar price.

    I was using vpses long time ago when i started seo journey and when i got my first dedi, i never bought windows vps again. For seo tools vpses are total waste of $$ and time (vpses can be good only if you create them by yourself).
  • Ended up trying a couple different ones, ill review in a couple days.
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