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Some questions about GSA Global Lists

KawaiiChanKawaiiChan Japan
edited September 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hey there,

I can understand the appeal of using Global Lists for Identified, Submitted & Verified.

In what case could I find it useful to activate Global Failed lists? Just for re-checking later or does it have some other purpose?

Another question:
If global identified/submitted/verified target fails- does the GSA remove(delete?) that target from a specific list and only transfers it to failed if option is checked?

Did I get it right?


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    Hello @KawaiiChan,

    The usefulness of the failed global site list seems questionable to me as well. As you said, perhaps you could post to the failed links again and get some additional verified links. So from that perspective, ie, the failed global site list is only for failed links, the verified global site list is only for verified links etc, the failed global site list doesn't offer much utility.

    There is a way in which that failed global site list is very useful though. But instead of looking at things from the previous perspective exclusively, you can also view things from a 2nd perspective. That is, each of the global site lists is just a place to put text files of, appropriately named, links. So instead of using the failed global site list to store failed links, you could say, buy someones verified list, and put their list into your failed folder, and in your projects, select to post to the failed list. 

    As for your second question, once something is in one of your global site lists, it won't ever be deleted using SER normally. To remove stuff from your global site lists, you would need to specifically dedup or otherwise clean the list.
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