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Remove Links

Hi Sven

The remove links option is not removing any links. I set 2 projects to remove links days ago and the link count doesnt seem to be moving.

Any idea how i can fix this please?

I hammered a money site with links thinking i was hitting lots of FCS accounts haha


  • SvenSven
    The remove links is removing the links on the page itself but keeps the URLs in the project. You have to manually delete them there, reverify so that they get deleted or reuse it for other projects.
  • I am not sure i am understanding that correctly.

    So if i change the url to say and then select remove links. It will begin to remove these unwanted links?
  • SvenSven
    Maybe we are talking about different things. Changing the URL in project settings is not doing anything. However if you remove the links physically from webpages, then you have to remove the entries in projects as well or do whatever you want with that (e.g. use accounts in other projects).
  • I want to delete the links totally please Sven. When i click on remove links nothing happens. The link count stays exactly the same?
  • SvenSven
    Then delete them!? I mean remove online from sites is NOT removing them physically from your project. You have to delete  or better reverify them so that they get removed.
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