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Is SERengines 2.0 Ever Going To Be Released?

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I've seen many promises about a future release of SERengines 2.0 going back a very long time. Each message is always followed by something regarding a rate increase with the next release for anyone who does have an active account. 

I also do not recall seeing an update for the API since I first purchased SERengines over a month ago. 

Does anyone know if the next release is actually being developed or is it just marketing hype to milk the service for as long as possible?


  • if you seen such software as licorneaio they create hype & milk with clients for several years, and even now after one of their failed promises about their new web 2.0  service.
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    I remember licorne, almost bought from them. They kept saying order now before the update, but they never updated. They kept saying next, week, next month, in a few months etc. People just got tired of them.

    my point to the above is be careful, that is a scare tactic. 
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    @mikey08 Yeah, but is there an alternative service available?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    I think @JAMESE has been saying it for almost a year now. Someone should actually create an off-shoot and do it because I'm sick of waiting. There's literally no proof, nobody here is beta testing it despite his claims. I think it's just an excuse to keep rinsing us of money. I'm going to cancel it, if he does indeed come out with 2.0 I'll just sign up again... Maybe if everyone did this it would encourage him to actually bother to develop it.
  • Just go get FCSnetworker guys.
  • shaunshaun
    Lol people still use SEREngines? Its a total waste of time and effort in my experiance. Moved over to FCS Networker and never looked back.
  • @spammasta FCS doesn't look nearly as robust as GSA. Could you share a little about the pros and cons of using FCS over GSA for 2.0s from your experience?
  • shaunshaun
    @moobs FCS works? In my experience SEREngines doesn't?


    FCS Networker support is excellent.
    FCS Networker posts from its own servers so your VPA doesnt need to waste resources on posting web 2.0s through SER and can focus on T2/T3.
    Both the FCS poster and account creators are updated a lot.

    Benefits of SEREngines

    Its cheaper.
    It is not a credit based system.

    But I rather have my web 2.0s get posted to and stick with FCS than have the crap SEREngines churns out.
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