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Setting additonal links

If I enable "insert up to 2 additional links from project" then GSA SER will grab only the keywords on the "Anchor Text field" as anchor text for those 2 additional links without taking into account the anchor percentage. 

My suggestion... GSA SER can grab anchor text from the those fields (like generic, brand) where we can set % for those additional links.  


  • SvenSven
    Well not corect. The additinal links are also placed with your %.
  • The additional links option only take the anchor on the main anchor text without taking more keywords from other fields like partial, secondary, generic match, etc.

    Try out placing all the keywords on all the fields and 1 keyword on the main anchor keyword text field, and preview the article on the article manager, you will see that additional links only take anchor from the main anchor text field and not the other fields like partial.  
  • SvenSven
    Preview is not following the settings that much here.
  • The preview shown only the main anchor... and I checked ahrefs, all my anchor is the main anchor text. You sure that GSA is using different anchors for additional links? 
  • SvenSven
    Yes Im sure. However there is one exception. SER will use original words as links once the anchor is the same as the word in the article and will not put in additinal (not matching) words like "orig-word (click-here-link)".
  • Can we have a option to "don't use original words as links"? 
  • SvenSven
    But why? Isn'T the way SER does it now way better as it is a readable article now?
  • Nope, there is more than 60% main anchor text..  using the main keyword as anchor text may cause Google penalty. 
  • Sven, it is more readable but the problem is now I have 60%+ anchor text percentage for that single main keyword. 
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