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Any recommendation where to buy GSA SER List?

sagesage In Front Of My Computer
as described in the title, I would like to hear good recommendation to buy GSA SER list? I checked most of them is no longer in business like or even always show SOLD OUT. What happened to them?


  • SvenSven

    You got plenty of links in SER itself (right clcik on project->import target urls->Buy...

    Or here:

  • I do use SeRocket, works fien for me.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @Sven thanks. Ugh, I'm sorry I didn't realize it.
    @12348766754 thanks for your recommendation :)
  • Buying linklist is just dumb business imho, that list you buy has been used by multiple people, it is probably been shared on BH forums, so chances are you only get crap links, do yourself a huge favour and learn how to build your own list, in the end it will cost you less per link and you will be able to scrape great link targets... 
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    yes, @PaulieP is right. The lists what you buy, is spamming very fast, and burn out, and in a long time period this will harm your site. If you made your own list, maybe your lpm will be low, but the links value are much greater than any other list, because very few people use that links before you, so scrape it :)
  • shaunshaun
    I have tried the Loopline auto sync list and it works well, I have moved over to SeRocket now. It performs slightly better when you get used to their system.
  • SeRocket is dece, i have been happy with it. I ended up just preferring to get my own list though, its better.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @PaulieP I would like to scrape my own list, but how many proxies are needed to do that? I guess need hundred proxies, otherwise it will take very long time.

    Actually I have tried to build my own list, using 35 proxies with scrapebox haversting keywords + footprint. It took 3 days to give me about 150,000 alive links and high pr links. But then I used it with my GSA, my success rate is under 10%. Is it common? While with GSA list I bought I got 60-70% success rate.
  • @sage, you can get daily one time fee proxy services- Proxygo on blackhatworld is a good guy, its like 200 GBP for lifetime sub of daily prox.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp is the proxies quality he provided are good? in term of not easy to burn and pass google?
  • you use them for scraping not posting- u get daily list usually last 6+ hours, ive gotten speeds of 60k/min in gscraper before the update broke it. now its 5k/min
  • shaunshaun
    +1 for proxy go.

    And yea 10% verified was what I used to get for all platforms, when you go for contextuals that dropped down massivly for me. Thats why I decided to outsource it and get a list sellers list far cheaper in the long run in my oppinion.

    At one point I had a VPS with Scaprebox and GSA Platform Identifier running 24/7 then dumping the links over onto my posting VPS with SER on it. I would get a fraction of the links verified and added to my own list all the while slowing down SER performance on live projects.
  • manubossmanuboss
    Hello, i publish regulary free and premium list on my blog

    and i have premium subscription on , you have between 2-3 verified list for 10€/month
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp okay, I may try it then :)
    @shaun thanks for share your experienced. That sounds make sense, when I only go with only contextual then it become lesser I got.
    @manuboss: I'm going to ask you honestly how many customers you sell the list on premium? because if you don't limit it, then it might not become premium anymore :) 
  • @sage i scrape with 50 private proxies on a 8GB vps 
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @PaulieP okay, and how long it takes let say you harvested 1 million url?
  • I have scraped 1 million in less than 10 mins before, when gscraper was working well. Then you dedupe and it drops dramatically. You can still end up with 300k unique though. Then you post to them and see waht verifies and you might get 30k if your lucky from that added to your list.
  • Loopline list is the best!!
  • ^Loopline used to be the best, but I think with the addition of the new auto sync and .edu/.gov resources, SERocket is better now, if not best.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    I'm scraping my own list with 25 proxies already 9 hours still get 200K ugh....

    let say I decide to buy from SERocket or Loopline, will the list stay long? or it will gone for several weeks? Also how they manage if 100 customers buy same list?
  • SERrocket updates regularily, weekly or biweekly.
  • shaunshaun
    BigGulpsHuhWelp  has said SeRocket just keeps adding features that pushes them ahead of them competition.
  • I wanna know about good recommendation to buy auto sync gsa ser lists ?
  • Hello,

    Take a look in that thread for more info about features.

  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    @SeRocket : Can we request list for specific keywords?
    I'm not sure what is going out there with people who bought SER List, but my feeling is it is a bit weird if you build backlinks that has no relevancy topic.

    Let say you gave me about 500 urls which related to healthy topic, but your niche is about travelling, would it become a disaster for us?
  • edited September 2015
    Contextual platforms are mostly general. 
    For example is blogger platform niche oriented?
    Is twitter niche oriented? etc..
    On contextual platforms GSA creates new page with content that you provide, so your keywords and your content will be around your links.

    Spammy platforms like blog comments and guestbooks are keyword oriented, so if you want keyword related targets you can scrape those.
  • manubossmanuboss
    @sage for the moment, there is only 16 regulary member on my premium list, i don't have to limit because i'm not a star , yet ;-)
  • Trevor's list is superb. Top guy also.
  • Trevor's list is the best. His support is awesome and is always available. I have un-subscribed to many lists now and using only Trevor's list since past many months. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TREVOR'S LIST.
  • @sage it took me a good 4/5 months before i had a good list, and it still is a lot of upkeep cus lot of targets soonier or later will die out, so it is going to take a while to get a good list 
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