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Gscraper proxy service

Hi there,

I have just brought the proxy service (one sold on site) , can you please advice me, 

I am doing a scrape and it is only getting 60k links in 2 hours!

i have the gscraper on a dedi server 

i am running 30 seconds time out 1k threads i crack the tcp limit.

when i use 60 semi dedi proxy they get 100k links in a few mins! (they do die but you get the point)

can you give me some advice.



  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    As i see, the 1k threads is so much. Try with 100 or 200 threads. The second thing, the gscraper proxies are public. Your 60 proxy what you bought is private, so you always get better results with private ones...
  • Hey NetMajom,

    thanks for the advice, 

    i have private but from 133 of them i get like 100k links really fast (in a few mins) but then they die or at least no new links come in? any advice?

    p.s i will try changing to 100 threads. thanks
  • magicsun7 
    Prvate proxies are not good for scraping. 133 proxies - 5-10 threads if you dont use footprints with operators. 

    Dont focus on threads in Gscraper. 5 threads with private proxies can make 60-  75 queries to google in a minute x 100 results per query can give (in theory) 6 - 7.5k lpm.

    Btw latest Gscraper version is broken (1.3.X.X) so succesfull harvesting with Gscraper require alot know how. SB is better choice for harvesting these days.

  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    As for me the gscraper is alwasy way better than sb. I use for scrape publix proxies from proxy scraper, and its great. Just an example: The gscraper can handle the proxies very well, turn off the bad ones, and not freezing. The SB freezing, and working very hard with public proxies, cant handle the proxies well, and so slow. I refunded after 5 days use.

    Now, i found an update with gscraper

    the newest update:
    1. Some bugs fixed
    2. Recovery using Google Search Engine
    3. Add Yahoo and Bing Search Engine
    So for now the GScraper is way better scraper than any what found on the market.... (if the future sven will made a scraper, than i know that that will be the best :P )
  • NetMajom
    No offence bro, but you post BS.
    Gscraper is not working like it was working before (few months ago). Right now SB is working better with public scraped proxies (and i tell this from proxy seller point of view and trust me i know my stuff).

    I tested today Gscraper version with 500 port scanned, google passed public proxies on custom ports (these proxies are not listed in google). 13k lpm peak.

    Same proxies with SBv2 give peak 2000-3000 urls per second (so 120-180k urls a minute).

    Right now from my experience it looks like:

    Few Russian scrapers > SB/Hrefer > Gscraper.
  • Gscraper isnt great right now, SB is good but it consumes so. much. resources...
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp 
    If you see high CPU usage with SB its bug. Check my post here:
    SB use nearly 0 resources but there is bug from version .40 - SB support is not able to find it.
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