without www or http the ser not recognize the links

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I have a huge links of database. I identified all with PI (Platform Identifier), and exported from there the good links (in sl and txt format). i have various types of links, include with this format: example.com links, not just www.example.com or http://example.com. The ser work with Only with http or www. Sven told me, all the links must have the www, or the http so now in my targeted url window in ser there are millions of links without www, and the ser wont recognize them (the ser show me always no url in target directory error message). Is there is some easy way to put all of the links the www, if there not present? I can manually edit the links in the target url window, but manually edit millions of links one by one, its not too easy. Somebody know a better way?


  • You can probably take the urls, and add the http://www. in excel. Almost certainly you can do it-

    in a1 put the http://www., in a2 put the urls, in a3 put =A1&A2.
    Boom, millions of urls edited in proper format.
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    I just tried it, and it didn't work quite how i thought it would. I think theres a way to do it in excel though.

    It might work with :

  • Import urls into scrapebox > More List Tools > prefix urls in harvester grid with http://
  • ^Thats easier than anything I suggested
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    @BigGulpsHuhWelp this is great, but the excell cant handle much links.... But i find a sollution. The GSCraper do that conversion automatically. Just Imported the sitelist, when imported, push export button, and all of the links is GSA SER friendly.. its easy and great :)
  • @netmajom,

    Ah- good call. Viable and easy solution
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