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Email verifier returned "other undefined status"

fujikofujiko UK
edited September 2015 in GSA Email Verifier
Just purchased GSA Email verifier tool as a cheaper alternative to online email adress validation service

I read in the forum that Hide My IP(with the premium service) does a good job of working well together with GSA email verifier.
So I also purchased a copy of Hide My IP with the premium service activated and GSA app selected within the settings.

before loading my email list on GSA email verifier, I decided to perform 2 tests.
First test with 500 known GOOD real email addresses then another test with 6,000 known BAD real email addresses.

I found that 80 - 90% of the known GOOD and Known BAD adresses returned ???-other undefined status 
So GSA email verifier is unable to decided one way or the other on 90% of the know GOOD and BAD adress list.

What is this ???-other undefined status ?
And why is GSA email verifier returning this error 90% for both Known GOOD and BAD address lists?


  • SvenSven
    This ???-other undefined status is usually a block from the VPS/email provider or your ISP.
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