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Imported article text, need to spin

NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp

I imported articles, without any spin. I know, that if i click on the article in ser, and open it, its there the spinning option with api (i use spinnerchief), but how can i spin the articles in the article manager list view with my spinner chief 4 api or software? I see only the ser inbuilt spinning option there if i click the right button. whats the easiest option?


  • SvenSven
    if you are in the project editor, you can click tools->spin convert and on that dialog you can also define the login data for the different apis. Once you set that up there, SER will use them for you. If there is just a Spin/no spin option, it will use the services first before using any internal spinner.
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    So if i set this properly, if i click the right mouse button then select the spin selected (in the article lists window), that will use the spinerchief api automatically?
  • SvenSven
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