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How to make private proxies auto recheck proxy status after being detected down ?

edited August 2015 in Need Help
I have my proxy settings set to automatically deactivate proxies when detected to be down but is there a setting or way to make SER automatically recheck proxies so it can reactivate them when back up ?

This is a problem for me because a lot of times my proxies have a short interruption and SER detects them down but then you could right then manually check them and they are fine and of course back up now and SER continues because I have it set to continue projects when active proxies are back , but if I'm ever away from my PC letting SER run it becomes a problem because I'm not there to manually bring the proxies back up.


  • SvenSven
    Yes, you have that on the same option dialog to automatically search and test proxies. You simply have to deselect all providers in the Add/edit dialog so it does not search for proxies and just tests them.
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