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Please help: my GSA stuck in Amazon site for 2 days and no result

sagesage In Front Of My Computer
Hi, I'm new using GSA and really would need helps from people here and also by @sven also :)

I'm running my GSA for a campaign starting yesterday, and until now, no verified links are coming up (Verified still 0). Plus I see lot of working is to register and validating amazon site. Please look at the screenshot.

I'm not sure what happening here, any idea?

fyi: I'm using 15 dedicated proxies bought from buyproxies as people recommended it here.


  • SvenSven
    that engine is broken but hopefully working again on the next update.
  • sagesage In Front Of My Computer
    I see. Okay I'll remove submission to then.

    Another question is why I keep seeing my dedicated proxies down easily? Do I need to request new proxies every 15 mins to them in order to make everything run smoothly?
  • SvenSven
    the question is why they are disabled. Probably the program disables them because of seeing it banned on a search engines or it seems to be down when trying to download.
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