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Whice one to scrape lots of Emails?GSA Email Spider or Targeted Email Finder or some other software?

edited August 2015 in GSA Email Spider
I am a GSA Fan. I use SER,CB,Indexer,Redirect pro. I was searching for a software to collect targeted & country based  & lots of general Email address.

Need to have three options

Targeted & country based

& options to gather Email Globally.

Which one should I get GSA Email Spider or GSA Targeted Email Finder ?  I want to find 10's of thousands of Emails from search engines,Social sites, Forums.......... or if you know any better software rather than the two above, please let me know.

Plan:  One of my client asking me to market & get him leads for some Steroid/Muscle Building products. Their reviews is great. I just need to do huge Email marketing campaign.

& Which server to chose & Where ?

I am novice at Email marketing.

Help please



  • SvenSven
    Hmm just try the demo versions and decide for yourself?
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