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Even out on different engine?

 is there a way to even out the engine they post

I run many project… each project I checked all engine except
Adult Web 2.0

Each posting to 10k verified links before I stop the project. (Took me about 2days)

Project A: 35% Wiki , 35% Article,  20% Directory , 10% others

Project B: 80% Wiki, 10% Article , 10% Others

Project C: 40% Exploit , 40% URL Shortner , 20% Others

How can make them as even as possible ?

To let say maybe 10% max on each ? 


  • SvenSven
    you can not do that by settings, you have to run that in splitted projects and have a limit set per project.
  • it would look a bit too obvious to have such clear cut % anyways
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