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Confused about Verified list

Okay so I ran my first couple projects using a huge identified list of something like 2 million sites. The URLS were manually added to each project (not using global site list).

Each of the projects completed with a total of around 15000 (fifteen thousand) verified links (and this can be confirmed from project by choosing SHOW URLS > VERIFIED).

Under OPTIONS > ADVANCED I unchecked Identified, unchecked Submitted and unchecked Failed but only left Verified checked (and picked the folder and filename where I wanted verifieds to be saved).

However when I click the TOOLS button and choose SHOW STATS > VERIFIED it gives a total of over 500000 (five hundred thousand). I would have expected a number between 15000 and 30000

Any reasons why my verified list is so much bigger than what was actually verified?


  • SvenSven
    when adding URLs to it, it is not checking for duplicates. Im sure the number reduces if you delete duplicates from that same menu.
  • Ah yes ... after removing both duplicate urls and duplicate domains I end up with 19500 which is in the range I would have expected.

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