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Best Article Engine

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edited August 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello Guys,

Could Anyone advise a Article Engine with good succes rates?
I know a rate of 8% is good, but atm I am way lower. Also running on a LPM of 0.15 with a web list of Scrapebox (All footprints of GSA ser are running), removed duplicates.

I use Private proxies, Captcha Breaker (GSA), Textcaptchasolver, Captchatronix and Scrapebox.
I do get a very low amount of verified links. 


*Edit: I run on 10-15 threads, because I only have 5 recaptcha solving threads. Should I increase the threads to like 50 or 100? I do have select the option to re-post if it has failed before.


  • update: I had like 1500 submitted, and only like 20 verified. 

    I am using wicked article creator for the spun articles. Do I have to make those articles manually and put spun into it? (myself). Would that work? 
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