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Can't get GSA SER to open on Windows 7. Says DPI is wrong.

I am trying to get SER running on a laptop. I have Windows 7 on it. No matter what screen resolution settings I put on it SER will not open. I have attached an image of the error message I keep getting. Any suggestions how to fix this?




  • SvenSven
    edited August 2015

    It's just a warning, if you click OK it should open anyway but you might see some issues on GUI.

    Also it's not about the screen resolution but font/dpi settings.

  • Ya after I click I see the program flash on the screen and then it just closes. It will not open at all. I don't get it.

  • SvenSven
    That has nothing to do with the dpi setting then. Something else I guess.
  • Wanted to update this for anyone else having this issue. I did find the problem. For some reason some of the software that was installed on laptop for the user I was logged in with was conflicting with SER. So, what I did was create a new user in Windows 7 and logged into that. Bam, SER worked just fine. Have no idea what the software was as I have a lot installed but doing the new user fixed the issue.

  • sing99sing99 Los Angeles
    On my VPS the screen resolution is at
    and the font/dpi is at 200%
    How do I increase the font of GSA SER and GSA CB?
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