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  • AkkaAkka Hungary
    I use default settings.
  • NetMajomNetMajom | skype: nszmmp
    The CB solving rate is not 100%. You need to use manual captcha solving too... 

    But as i see in the first picture the 850 solved captcha from 1146 is very good rate...
  • AkkaAkka Hungary
    Hello :)
    "Solved" = "recognized"?
    I see that every third "recognized" captcha is wrong.
  • Captchas u sent are hard captchas. For example if working with easy captchas or your own definitions theres 0 problems:

  • AkkaAkka Hungary
    Thanks. Can I teach the Captcha Breaker? 
    I will use deathbycaptcha in future, but I make just test projects now.
  • Sure you can, there are tutorials on forum already.
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