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Slow submission?

edited January 2013 in Need Help
Hello I really love GSA!!  Well lately i downloaded the last version 2 -3 days  i noticed that this last 3 days the submissions and verifications are slowly
on 7 projects ...   9 10 submissions in total  for all the it because the projects have been running for 5 -6 months  or because i do not have private proxies? I use the pubblic ones!
Thanks for help


  • How many keywords you use?
  • I use the keyword i always used  before  600  -700 800

  • Where you submit links?
  • Should I open the filters?  no filters at all PR or maximum exit links
    I have to say that thanks to GSA my 7 websites are now  PR3  ....
  • i submitted links to:
    article, blog comment, SN, SB, directory, forum, questbook and web 2.0

    Could you send your data options? We will see what happens
  • Proxies. get some shared or private.
  • yes i will send later   i submitted links to article blog microblog  web2.0 SN SB same ...imagine i have death by captcha and is still there with one dollar left  because i had in 3 04 days may be 10 submission in total
  • yes today im gonna try with the proxies

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