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increasing LPM?

aarongoldstenaarongoldsten Illuminati palace
I searched the form and the internet for a few hours before I ask this just so you know lol. 

I getting 6ish links submitted per minute. 

I got vps. 35 dedicated proxies. 325 threads. 180 html timeout. I am not scrapping I just using verified list. have submission public and private check. 
pr checking public and private. 

got 20 projects, doing 10 at a time rotating every 30 minutes (suggestion I got from a thread on here) 

what can I do to increase LPM? 

some of projects have strict settings. like pr1 100 or less outbound links per page. 
Have a couple projects pr3+ 
but have some with just spam blast as well. 

wondering A what to do to increase LPM and B what should a good LPM be. 

thank you
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