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Good Lpm but very low Vpm, what can be the cause ?


I've recently bought a service to use CB and SER that solves recaptcha. The solve rates are very good, at least for what I can see in CB log.
My question is that I have a good Lpm stats (about 150) but a very low Vpm (about 2.5).
What can be the cause of this ? Proxies ? The fact that I'm building several T1 campaigns with several restrictions like PR and language ?

Please let me know any ideas you may have,

thanks a lot!


  • Well, often high quality contextual links can take a long time after posting to be verified. it could be a week or more, so you might see verified links appear week after submission.
  • Thanks for your comments.
    Thing is that along with the T1 projects I have several bulk projects, and even that, Vpm are too low. About a week ago, they were like 20-30 Vpm, now its down to 2.5 and dropping. The only thing I changed since the good Vpm was the recaptcha thing. On top of that, none of my projects are scraping targets, I have bought list and own scraped... I may try disabling the recapthca thing and see what happens.
  • do you have both an automated captch and a captcha service
  • Yes, I have CB + a service promoted here in the forums that specifically solves recaptcha and it works ok.
    I have it setup so the recaptchas are resolved by the 3rd party service directly ( not by CB ).
    Another thing to notice is that I use yahoo emails and a lot of times I encounter Important Messages saying that the login to yahoo account failed, retry later.
    I've setup the option so SER wont login to an email account sonner than 900 secs and I dont use proxies for the email checking. Maybe this is the reason.
  • In case someone is looking for the answer to this, I had the same problem and increasing the HTML timeout fixed it.
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    Take off the PR filter (it is no longer updated) and try increasing your HTML timeout to 180.

    Did you buy a verified list or did you scrape your own?
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    Decrease the thread count, use one engine at a time and check log for errors
  • Just a tip. LpM doesn't mean anything. Focus on VpM.
    It might be because of dead emails, dead list, etc. There are lots of factors.

  • shaunshaun
    It depends what you are doing, if you are just blasting a T3 of non contextuals without verification turned on to maxamise speed then LPM is your only way to check how the tool is performing :P.
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