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How to rank YouTube videos on page 1 of Google currently?

I know ranking YouTube videos has changed a lot over the past couple years that's why I stopped using YT originally but I always hear people talking about how to rank videos in YouTube's search engine but never just about ranking video on Google. So if I was just interested in ranking the video on Google what all would I have to do as far as a backlinking strategy if any at all ? 


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    Trying some tests to see how this plays out. I have a video on page 1 of YouTube's results so I think I'm ok in that regard, but to get a video to rank on page 1 of Google's results how much backlinking if any do I need to do ? And do I need to tier it , or for the backlink element can I pretty much just spam some links ? 
  • Any thoughts guys? I think I'm going to try to just spam SER links directly to this video that is ranking in YouTube and see how that fairs. But then that raises questions about what type of anchor % ratios I should use ? What is the rule of thumb to follow now for youtube ?
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  • 100% anchor.
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