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question about pause project setting

aarongoldstenaarongoldsten Illuminati palace
If i have 10 urls. And I want to make 1 link to each of them every 7 days. 

under pause the project after 1 verified for 7 days (check) PER url? 

by checking PER url it will make sure 1 link gets build to EACH of the sites under data: url. right? 


  • SvenSven
    edited August 2015
    we had this question already some days back, It's more safe to have 10 projects here, else SER might build more links to one URL than the other.
  • aarongoldstenaarongoldsten Illuminati palace
    edited August 2015
    Thanks I guess I just needed complete confirmation on answer. 

    If owner ever wanted to add that option into gsa I would not complain! :) lol 
  • I mean, it will average out to about 1 url per project, but on a daily basis it might be off kilter a bit. So it really would depend on how tightly you structure projects
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