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[feature request] Posting comment to drupal site

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Hi guys, i think this is easy feature to add since its just like the same as posting article in drupal, register and just back to first url to post comment. This will be a great feature since drupal are mostly do follow, and i would say 60% are auto approve ( i try to make drupal comment bot with zennoposter before this, but zp are really slow since it is browser based) This platform will never got hit by scrapebox, a big advantage for gsa user.


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    interested in it too. But seems this section is dead. Sven might be busy on other place :(@Sven
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    I made one for myself with Zenno (not selling sorry please don't ask) and I can tell you there are a LOT of random fields and a few other issues that complicate regging many of these Drupal blogs. 

    I can imagine it would be a nightmare to try and code them all so I would guess success rates would be very low.  There is a reason they are not over-spammed, they are kinda painful to automate.

  • bigmark1972 i am doing drupal. can we work together? pm your email or skype.
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