Indexer not getting verified links from SER

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I have been using the Indexer for the past couple of days (with SER). All has been working fine. I shut both programs down this morning - SER seemed to be running slow. So I shut everything down and started it back up. When I restarted the Indexer, there was a new update (which I installed). Now, there is nothing getting passed from SER to the Indexer.

Running versions SER - 4.13 Indexer - 1.44

Another note. When the update to the Indexer was installed, it deleted all the "pending" URLs that had not been processed out of my list yet. Since it retains this list if the program is normally shut down and restarted, shouldn't it also retain it when an update is done?


  • SvenSven

    what happens if you send the links directly to the seo indexer (show urls->verified urls->select urls->popup menu->index)?

    I just tested all here and new verified urls get sent to the indexer, added to the multiple urls dialog and indexing starts. Also reviewed the code and all seems to be fine. I hope you installed it into the programs directory and not somewhere else? Because that would also explain why the queue from last run couldn't be found.

  • Program (Indexer) is running from the default installation location...

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA SEO Indexer\SEO_Indexer.exe"

    When I manually send the URLs (by going through the steps you outlined), it appears to work ok - I get a message box that says "All URLs send successfully." (note spelling error). But nothing new shows up in the Indexer queue.

    I can still manually copy URLs and post them to the indexer and run them.
  • I got this fixed. Not sure what was wrong. I guess it was just one of those "glitches". I stopped both programs, shut them down, and restarted them and everything started working ok again.
  • SvenSven
    still strange. Could it be that some other program blocked there communication? I can not see any other reason really. Anyway glad it works again.
  • Its still not working for me and nothing is running except for the indexer and search engine ranker. It's really annoying having to copy and paste the urls in all the time.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry to hear that. Any chance to have a look on your system by remote-admin or so?
  • Hey guys...if anyone runs across this thread and has the problem of the Indexer not getting passed URLs from SER, I have found one time that this ALWAYS happens. And I don't remember a note of it anywhere, so maybe this will help.

    The Indexer MUST BE STARTED BEFORE SER. If SER is started first, nothing gets passed. This includes if you have stuff running, and you shut the Indexer down (because it locks up or whatever), or it happens to terminate. If you just restart the indexer, nothing will get passed. You have to close SER, start the Indexer, and restart SER for the link between the two to be reestablished.
  • same problem for me, i will try to start first the indexer. It doesnt load the urls from the right column but it loads from the verified window
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