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threads drops

Hi.Every time i run several projects simultaneously using 150-300 threads. But after a bit time, threads drops to 30-50 and not increase. With or without proxy.


  • SvenSven
    usually a problem of not having enough targets.
  • hm, then there appear another problem. from 1kk identified list after each spam i get 10k verified, then when i start new project with using only verified list i get barely 2-3k verified. why success rate drops so hard? with or without proxy
  • so i mean from the same identified list each time i get 10% verified, but from that verified i get only 20-30% verified links. each time
  • SvenSven
    sites come and go. I don't know what engines you use but there are some like buddypress who have a real problem on the design and can not handle traffic that good.
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