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Gscraper / Scrapebox for GSA SER

Hi guys.

I have used Gscraper for some time, to get some good lists for GSA SER. 
But, Gscraper is having massive issues lately. I only have a speed around 200 - 400 links per minute.

What is the speed of Scrapebox? Just with public proxies for now. (When I get more customers I will upgrade for private etc.)
How much private proxies would be needed for a good speed by scrapebox? (If I might wanna upgrade).

Or does anyone recommend another scraper?
Kind Regards,


  • SB is terribly slow also. Gscraper is broken as f and it sucks
  • So... what is the solution? lol
  • There isnt one yet.
  • PlentyVoicesPlentyVoices united states
    In my consideration scrapebox is better than gscraper...
  • Gscraper developer need to update his shit, it's really terrible.
  • yeah hawk is shitting the bed and he couldn't give a single fuck about any of his paying  customers.
  • That's why I did chargeback.. if it all works I will buy it.. but this is just shit. (Gscraper)
  • Couple weeks ago i was scraping 100k/min, every 15 mins I had to stop because it was getting loaded so hard. Now- im lucky to get 1k/min more like 200.
  • @Biggulpshuhwelp
    Once Gscraper works fine, all your tips are more then welcome. I was already happy with my 6K per minute.
    Now I run Scrapebox with like 200/s which is (for me) very very nice. 
  • I can't load the same footprint list or keyword list with scrapebox. It stays at the "Please wait" prompt. While gscraper is already getting thousands of links.
  • 1234876675412348766754 Utrecht
    edited August 2015
    @Sengines that's because you are using to many keywords. I had the same problem. The problem is, scrapebox merge the footprints with the keywords. For example: If you have 50.000 keywords and 2K footprints you will have a total of 100.000.000 keywords.
  • hmm i cannot get scrapebox to work with priv proxies again .. i just dont get any results when i scrape google searches .. any tips ? it worked nice a frew months ago
  • @KayKay At the moment I do not use any private proxies. I am running Scrapebox with public proxies, which completed the Google/custom test. 
  • @12348766754 this is the only reason I'm still using gscraper. It doesn’t freeze on bulk Imports of anything. If there was an ini file in Scrapebox2 64x to increase memory then I am unaware of it.
  • Don't think so... @sengines

    Problem I have is cpu on 100% and only using 2-4 GB ram... 
  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited August 2015
    Hrefer is best, you should get discount with my affiliate link

    20$ for lite
    40$ for standard
    70$ for business
  • I was quite content with Gscraper since 2 weeks ago. the PR check is now just a crap. For example yesterday I stopped a hugh scrape work of 400,000 URLs. After filtering pr < 1 I got 8,000 left. Then I filter the SAME LINKS again and I got 1,000 left - until you end up with nothing. Wasted time and money!!!
    When you go to support expect the same: nothing!  - they stopped their forum and a week ago I worte them an email without having an answer yet, not even saying "please wait"....
    all that stopped my two week work on a project.... - I tell you,  that hurts ...!!
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    From what I have seen, GScraper is only going downhill. Would be nice if @Sven created a separate scraper.
  • Not sure if @Sven is interested in that, but well, if that will be the solution that would be great.

    Support is slow @Dize , but once I opened a chargeback on them, the accescode was killed within 24 hours.
  • edited August 2015
    @dize, you really shouldnt need to filter for PR with gscraper. Kind of a waste of time now. Gscraper is purely terrible anyways now.
  • we are having a field day with gscraper thing over on bhw
    my problem with gscraper 1000 proxies passing gscraper
    proxie test 0 urls and a support that dont reply

    proxygo bhw
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