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Saving Accounts sorted by platform?

Hello Guys,

I hope someone has an answer to this. For now, I have not discovered the answer. 

Currently to be able to reuse accounts, I go to a project and save the accounts. But for 30 tiered projects (lets say) each with 3 tiers and kitchen sinks etc, that's a huge amount of right mouse clicking! and then too, the files are with mixed accounts (if you have selected multiple platforms in your project)

So, is there a way to select all projects and save accounts by platform. For example, select all projects --> save accounts --> choose platform --> save file

that way all web 2.0 accounts in one file, all wiki accounts in one file and so on.

Maybe I missed something, but I cannot find how to do it. I do it individual project currently, but no option to segregate accounts by platform.



  • SvenSven
    select projects->right click->modify->export->account data
  • Thanks Sven. I was doing that but just not for all projects, individually X_X

    What I should have done was select all projects and then right click->modify->export->account data

    Another question I have is - which accounts can be re-used safely without issues of content over writing. I have noticed issues with social networks particularly. 


  • SvenSven

    Indeed there are engines that will submit and overwrite previous content. Thats are usually profile links or in some cases also articles where it is stored in profile.

    However to your first issue, you can select as many projects as you want and perform that right click steps. The operation is done for all selected projects.

  • Thanks Sven. Appreciate it.

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