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No options to save Failed URLs!

edited August 2015 in Need Help
can't find a way to save the "urls" of failed captchas to a txt/csv within captcha breaker.....


I know their is'nt one buuuuut only if...... well y'know one could import them later for DBC ect... or manual posting.


  • SvenSven
    the URLs are transmitted by SER, you can collect that in failed site lists.
  • edited August 2015
    Thanks for the reply Sven, i'm aware of what you mention, tbh in the end of it all I go and merge those list of same engines then do a long page scan with a custom tool.

    even though these lists of failed are still potentials and few can be of the new human bot standard, one thing I dont understand why this option is'nt readily available I mean theirs a way to save images but not urls.

    this should've been posted on feature request srry
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