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Hi Every one,

Which one is best for indexing GSA SEO indexer, lindexed  , instant link indexer or any other according to you. thanks


  • SvenSven
    Even though GSA SEO Indexer is our software, I would say that any indexing service (if working properly) gives better results. However our software is a one time investment of just 20 USD and if you use that before sending the rest of the links to a service, you safe a lot money.
  • @sven does gsa seo indexer submit the backlinks to major search engine like google also..becoz in product description you havnt mentioned just need to know that,,,,
  • SvenSven
    no, it is not submitting it to search engines directly. Maybe it's a myth but in the past people said it would be way better not to submit a site to search engines directly and let them find it themselve. Thats what SEO Indexer does; it places hints for the search engines to finally notice this new link and consider taking it to their index.
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