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Switching Email Methods In A Running Campaign

edited January 2013 in Need Help
I am paranoid about my catchalls being blacklisted and have decided to change to a hotmail config.

I am wondering if you do this does GSA still have the details for the catchalls stored so it can finalise the verifications on those submitted links?

Does swapping out to a new email break things?



  • I would just make sure everything is verified than swap out emails and move on.

    you can always use right-click project > status > Active (verify only emails)
  • Suppose i am using catchall mail , Actuall In ultimate daemon suppose for 1 project i have use , if that got banned , means can i use mail again for next project like or it means main , catchall mail got banned ...
    Same in gsa , gsa randomly use mail, i think when we use catchall mail .... Like it will use sometime what username it has use in site ... , so if how % are chances that catcha mail will be banned ...

    If for 50 project, i use one catchall mail, there will be problem in verification or not ?

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