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best indexer services for tier 1 to money site ??

halyosyhalyosy jakarta
edited August 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
i've been in seo game for a year still difficult to me to find the best indexer that actually works gsa indexer works but on small percentage only 

can anybody help the best indexer services for tier 1 to money site i've trying 2 indexer so far and they bullshit doesn't even index even 1 link from 1000 link i give them checking them my self by hand and even more they bullshiting about my link not unique and powerfull enough to get indexed lol i've got my articles just fine and it's doing good on copyscape also have picture and heavyly unique  :(

need info the best indexer services please 


  • shaunshaun
    You tried two services already over the course of a year?

    I have probably tried about 10-15 in the past three month or so due to the patching update.

    I have replied to your question in the other indexing thread, expressindexer all the way for me, still getting great results.
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