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Is it possible using for auto posting?

seoperformanceseoperformance Ukraine
edited August 2015 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I wonder can I use GSA Search engine Ranker for auto posting? I mean I already registered at some sites and want make new publications using my accounts without creating new?
I tried to find out how it would be done but looks like it can't be done. So is it possible?


  • SvenSven

    yes if ythe sites are based on supported engines you would simply create a file with 

    URL:LOGIN:PASSWORD and import that as account data using: edit project->tools->import->account data->from file

  • seoperformanceseoperformance Ukraine
    edited August 2015
    Thanks, this URL must be a login page or any page from domain? And this works only for articles, doesn't it?
  • @sven that was very interesting so i can make my own engine and make my money site and auto posting on my own pbn site ?? please enlight me thank you
  • seoperformanceseoperformance Ukraine
    edited August 2015
    Hm, I made it but got few issues:
    Firstly, modify project->tools->import->account data->from file  adds accounts to all active projects but not to only one has been selected.
    And secondly - I haven't succeeded to add new data to my accounts. I tried with bookmarks sites have been detected and submitted by software but had no auto posting. Would you tell me where I can read more about this function?
    P.S. With some platforms it works, so need to understand how to add to particular project only, not to all running

  • SvenSven

    @seoperformance this import works for all selected projects and all platforms who need a account (not just articles). Just verify while importing and showing remaining urls in gui.

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