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Weird Article Symbols From SERengines, WAC, or GSA?

edited August 2015 in Need Help
I'm using WAC to create some T1 articles to use as my T2 web 2.0s with SERengines. I've been noticing many of the articles have weird undefined characters in them that are not normal letters or are symbols (example screenshot below).

I'm not sure which program is causing it, if there's a setting or something I can change to minimize this, or if it's something I need to worry about? Could this have anything to do with character spinning or variation?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Those are look alike symbols of Latin chars. It is used by the option to use char spinning. Turn that off if you don't want it. It's used to fight duplicate content.


  • edited August 2015
    @sven Yeah I think I may because it looks very unnatural. Do you happen to know if Latin characters used like this would throw up a red flag by SE bots? 
  • SvenSven

    Usually they are not seen by humans as they really look like normal Latin chars. Only not if some fonts are missing (which is strange enough for your system). What bots make of it is unknown to me. But this method used to work in the past. I don't know if thats still the case. At least I haven't heared it is not.

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